Inequality is a problem that needs all of us. We're working together to solve it. 


1 brief. 100 participants. 4 months. 10 ideas. 

We’re on a mission to unleash collective action on inequality by bringing together and supporting 100 of the brightest minds from the worlds of business, NGOs, activism, government, public services, social enterprise and the arts to solve challenges that matter to them.

Whether that’s tackling unconscious bias in the workplace, creating safe spaces for people with mental health issues, creating new products and marketing initiatives that remove unhelpful stereotypes or bridging the intergenerational divide.

The Journey So Far...

We launched our pilot programme in July and it ends in November. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been up to...


The Kickoff

Part conference, part conversation, part idea generation. We brought together 100 passionate people to engage in the many strands of equality. We invited them to challenge each other to broaden their understanding and identify opportunities for action.


Ideation Phase

Everyone formed groups around different issues (mental health, education, gender stereotypes) and began to explore the varying systems surrounding those issues.

They focused on gathering as much data and information as possible from those directly affected.

The Sprint

We ventured out of the city for two days of rapid prototyping. Groups were tasked with the challenge of designing a minimal viable prototype, ready for launch.


Action Phase

Groups participated in a Collaboration Jam at Google HQ for some real time, creative problem solving with strangers.

Groups are now testing their prototypes in the real world, and projects have been matched to mentors inside and outside of their companies.

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The Showcase

A full day celebration In November for the 12 groups to showcase their projects and learnings with friends, business leaders and potential investors.


About Collectively

Now more than ever, we need to collaborate to build a better future. Over the next 4 years, we’ll unleash collective action on four Sustainable Development Goals.

This is just the start. A pilot to test what’s possible when we give passionate people the time, space and support to work collectively on the issues that matter to them. One day we hope this way of working becomes the norm.

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Our Network

We are a collective of innovators, activists, facilitators and change makers committed to unleashing collective action. Together we have built campaigns, run accelerators and changed businesses from the inside. We are grateful for the incredible support of everyone involved in the programme. Here’s a handful of the people behind the scenes...

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Our Partners


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