Inequality is a problem that needs all of us. Let's work together to solve it. 

18th & 21st July - Central London 


1 brief. 100 participants. 4 months. 10 ideas. 

On the 18th and 21st of July we're bringing 100 of the brightest minds we can find to central London to unpick one big problem: inequality. We'll be exploring inequality in all its forms, across race, gender, sex, class and more. 

We're giving you the space, support and networks to take action on the things you most care about, whether it’s building more inclusive communities, tackling discrimination, or bridging the divide between the haves and have-nots.

July 18th - Day One

The Issues

Part conference, part conversation - a full day immersed in the many strands of equality. You’ll hear from speakers and bring your own experiences and views into the room, challenging each other to broaden your understanding and mapping out opportunities for action.

July 21st - Day Two

The Ideas

Fast-paced idea generation. You’ll hear from experienced innovators who have built initiatives that tackle inequality, then generate your own ideas and solutions to the problems you identified in Day 1. The day ends by gathering the ideas that have the most potential for real world impact and forming teams to take them forward.

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July - November

The Impact

Ideas are nothing without action. We’ll support 10 groups to transform their ideas into real-world prototypes. Through mentoring, weekly seminars and an intensive retreat you’ll make your idea a reality, ending with a pitch to senior leaders and influencers who can help take it to scale.


We're looking for people like you

We're looking for anyone who is

  • Motivated to end inequality

  • Passionate about collaboration

  • Looking for new skills, experiences and networks

  • Committed to making real change happen  

We’re especially looking for strategists, creatives, designers,  developers, campaigners and people with a lived experience of inequality.

About Collectively

Now more than ever, we need to collaborate to build a better future. Over the next 4 years, we’ll unleash collective action on four Sustainable Development Goals.

This is just the start. A pilot to test what’s possible when we give passionate people the time, space and support to work collectively on the issues that matter to them. One day we hope this way of working becomes the norm.

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Our Network

We are a collective of innovators, activists, facilitators and change makers committed to unleashing collective action. Together we have built campaigns, run accelerators and changed businesses from the inside. Here’s just a handful of the people you’ll meet and hear from.

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Our Partners


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