Our labs

Labs are our experiments - programmes that go deep into a topic, bring people together and facilitate action and ideas.

The Equality Lab

1 brief. 100 participants. 4 months. 10 ideas. 

Working with M&S, Unilever and Google, we supported future leaders to develop their ideas to tackle inequality into real world prototypes, from games that normalise mental health check ins in the classroom to a programme to foster intergenerational skills sharing in the workplace.

Participants from diverse organisations, sectors and backgrounds, worked in mixed teams, gaining skills in innovation, design and leadership as well as the confidence to create change back in their day jobs and communities.


The Loneliness Lab

9 Million of us are lonely. It’s time we changed that.

Working with our partners Lendlease, we designed and led a 10 day innovation sprint to tackle loneliness in London, with a specific focus on the role of places and spaces in creating connections.

30 participants from a range of sectors and organisations worked intensively to build, test and iterate ideas within communities around Southwark. The lab is now an 18 month project, taking forward the ideas with the most potential into longer term pilots.

The Storytelling Lab

Where it all started.

Back in 2014 a group of senior leaders from 20 of the world’s biggest brands met at the World Economic Forum to explore how they might collaborate to build demand for sustainable lifestyles.

Together, and with the support of Vice Media and Forum for the Future, they created collectively.org a media platform aimed at changing the conversation about sustainability and inspiring the next generation to take action.